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How Ice Skating Can Help your Physical and Mental Health this Festive Season

It’s pretty much a given that we will all over-indulge during the festive season, it is also a given that come January, newspapers, magazines and websites will be filled with 1001 ways to ‘shift those Christmas pounds’ and ‘exercise your way to a new you for the new year’.

But did you know that even a short spin out on the ice can give you a multitude of health benefits?

Let’s get physical!

Whilst we’re clearly not going to achieve the consistent health benefits a professional ice-skater achieves, even a single session at the ice-rink can give you some pretty impressive health benefits.

Did you know that when you go ice-skating you will use almost every muscle group in your body? Who knew that a full body workout could be so much fun?

Whilst you are skating, your leg and abdominal muscles are working hard to keep you moving, which in turn helps to build core strength.

Ice-skating also improves joint flexibility due to the synchronised movement of your legs. You are also working on your balance (we all feel that one!) and your agility.

As with any sport or physical exercise, the harder you work, the more benefit you will get. A lazy glide around the rink whilst gazing at the stars or grinning at your date might give you all the feel-good endorphins, but the cardiovascular benefits of a fast skate will definitely get your blood pumping and improve your heart health.

Skating can improve your endurance, strength, and stamina, it’s good for your bone density too – something that’s really important as we get older. And of course, done regularly, it’s great for muscle toning and weight-loss. Even more reason to book some regular sessions over the winter skating season!

Happy and Healthy

Skating isn’t just about physical health, we all know that exercise is really great for our mental health too, but did you know that skating outdoors is especially good for you? Combining exercise and fresh air can really help us to improve our mood, reduce feelings of stress and boost our self-esteem. Regular skating can also make us feel stronger and more graceful which in turn can improve our confidence.

Our beautiful outdoor skating rink is the perfect location to enjoy all the health benefits of ice skating, not only that but after a session on the ice, you’re free to wander the Manchester Christmas Markets indulging guilt-free!

Did you know?
  • Ice-skating has been around since 1000BC, with the first skates having blades made from animal bone.
  • Ice-skating was only recognised as a sport in the 1860s.
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